Electrodes, Wire, Filler Rod,
Tungsten and Carbon Arc Gouging

We carry electrodes from McKay, Hobart, Lincoln, Unibraze, Atom Arc, HiAlloy and Procraft. We stock wire from Inweld, Unifil, Anchor, McKay, Radnor and Best-Weld. We also have a full line of aluminum, stainless, flux-cored, mild steel and specialty wires in spooled form, as well as filler rods for all your tig-welding needs.  We stock several grades of silver solder and specialty rods from J.W. Harris and HiAlloy.

McKay Electrodes & Wire
6011, 6013, 7014, 7018, 10018D2, Cast Iron, G.P., Hard-surfacing, Build-up, abrasive resistant, and stainless electrodes. Mild steel, dual-shield, Build-up and abrasive resistant spooled wires.

Lincoln Electrodes
5P, 5P+, FW35, FW37, FW47, LH70, LH78, LH11018, Jet1 electrodes

Unibraze Electrodes
6011, 7018, 7018AC, 7024 electrodes
Inweld Wire
4043, 5356 aluminum,
308 stainless, E70S6
and E71T-GS flux-cored
wire, and silicon bronze
JW Harris
Silver Solder & Fluxes
Mild Steel Electrodes
Arc Air
Carbon Arc Rod & Torches

"Everything for the Welder"

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